A Professional Career With Superior Training And A Secure Future

Earn an income while training 


Get health care and pension security


Our program allows you to work and earn as you learn. Union Carpenters, Millwrights, and Floor Layers earn the best wages and benefits in the industry; including health insurance and pension benefits.

As you gain more experience and proficiency in the trade, you will become more of an asset to your employer and will earn progressive pay increases. Apprentices start at 40-65% of journeyman scale and can look forward to scheduled pay raises.

Apprentice Pay Scale (based on journeyman scale)


Learn a trade that will provide you with a lifetime of opportunities.

With 6 training centers throughout Michigan, we have one near you.

  • 1st year    40-65%
  • 2nd year  60-75%
  • 3rd year   70-85%
  • 4th year    80-95%

We will no longer be accepting walk-in applications. Go to the "How  to Apply" tab above for instructions.