Building Michigan’s Future With Advanced Skill Training Michigan Carpenter and Millwright Training Program
What Millwrights Do
If you like to work with machine tools and precision instruments, and have a keen eye for the perfect fit, you might consider becoming a millwright.  In the old days, before heavy metal machinery, millwrights carved out gears and shafts from wood for mills and small industrial plants. Millwrights sometimes work to specifications requiring tolerances to a thousandth of an inch. The millwright installs and aligns heavy industrial machines so they operate efficiently. He or she employs micrometers, electronic sensors and other precision tools to install machinery and connect power unit shafts to operating equipment.
Millwrights install conveyor and monorail systems, electric generators and turbines, even nuclear plants. A nuclear plant is huge, but millwrights are required to align its working units to specifications similar to those in fine watch making. They are knowledgeable construction mechanics who study and interpret blueprints and apply their expertise drilling, tapping, welding, and bolting, working primarily with machinery and equipment requiring precision. 
The Millwright Apprenticeship Program is offered at the following Training Centers:

Detroit Millwright